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Lesson 0 - prerequisites

  • Ensure user account is Admin
  • Game setup and installation
  • Text editor setup and installation
  • HelixMod tool installation
  • Create page on
Quiz: Save and share 3D image with red debug text

Lesson 0.5 - quick fix

  • Change in-game settings to disable or improve the 3D
  • Change configuration file settings to disable or improve the 3D
  • Switch NVidia profiles for fixes
  • Consider a possible Game Fixing Strategy
Quiz: Find and enable the Unreal engine flag to fix 3D in The Ball

Lesson 1 - using HelixMod

  • Shader hunting keys
  • Editing DX9Settings.ini
  • Improved shader hunting
  • Shader saving
  • Save shader text file
Quiz: Save and share an ASM shader file from the game

Lesson 2 - disable effect

  • Shader hunting a specific effect
  • Saving the shader, then moving it into ShaderOverride
  • Editing shader to disable effect
  • Load shader to see changes
Quiz: Save and upload before and after 3D snapshots

Lesson 3 - Const

  • Create an on/off mechanism using HelixMod constants
Quiz: Modify the toggle code, then upload your changes.

Lesson 4 - game fix

  • Creating a complete list of shaders
  • Editing shaders to disable effects
Quiz: Make a second key preset to toggle bloom independently from other effects.

Lesson 5 - experimentation

  • Pt 1: Play with the Principles of Shading demo.
  • Pt 2: Experiment on lava shaders.
Quiz: Go to the end of the demo, and figure out a way to fix the broken water.

Lesson 6 - prime directive

  • Fix Lava effect, not just disable it.
  • Take a look at how 3D Vision works, so that we all use NVidia's terminology.
  • Looking at the prime directive.
  • How does this translate to code: Canonical_Stereo_Code
  • Fix Lava effect using the prime directive.
Quiz: In the middle of the demo, fix the broken oil effect using the prime directive.

More lessons to be added...