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Lesson 0

TheBall03 50.jpg


// Generated by Microsoft (R) HLSL Shader Compiler 9.27.952.3022
// Parameters:
//   float4 AmbientColorAndSkyFactor;
//   float4 MinZ_MaxZRatio;
//   sampler2D Texture2D_0;
//   sampler2D Texture2D_1;
//   sampler2D Texture2D_2;
//   sampler2D Texture2D_3;
//   sampler2D Texture2D_4;
//   sampler2D Texture2D_5;
//   sampler2D Texture2D_6;
//   sampler2D Texture2D_7;
//   sampler2D Texture2D_8;
//   float UniformPixelScalar_23;
//   float UniformPixelScalar_24;
//   float UniformPixelScalar_5;
//   float UniformPixelScalar_6;
//   float4 UniformPixelVector_0;
//   float4 UniformPixelVector_1;
//   float4 UniformPixelVector_10;
//   float4 UniformPixelVector_11;
//   float4 UniformPixelVector_12;
//   float4 UniformPixelVector_13;
//   float4 UniformPixelVector_14;
//   float4 UniformPixelVector_15;
//   float4 UniformPixelVector_16;
//   float4 UniformPixelVector_17;
//   float4 UniformPixelVector_18;
//   float4 UniformPixelVector_2;
//   float4 UniformPixelVector_3;
//   float4 UniformPixelVector_4;
//   float4 UniformPixelVector_5;
//   float4 UniformPixelVector_6;
//   float4 UniformPixelVector_7;
//   float4 UniformPixelVector_8;
//   float4 UniformPixelVector_9;
// Registers:
//   Name                     Reg   Size
//   ------------------------ ----- ----
//   UniformPixelVector_0     c0       1
//   MinZ_MaxZRatio           c2       1
//   UniformPixelVector_1     c4       1
//   UniformPixelVector_2     c5       1
//   UniformPixelVector_3     c6       1
//   UniformPixelVector_4     c7       1
//   UniformPixelVector_5     c8       1
//   UniformPixelVector_6     c9       1
//   UniformPixelVector_7     c10      1
//   UniformPixelVector_8     c11      1
//   UniformPixelVector_9     c12      1
//   UniformPixelVector_10    c13      1
//   UniformPixelVector_11    c14      1
//   UniformPixelVector_12    c15      1
//   UniformPixelVector_13    c16      1
//   UniformPixelVector_14    c17      1
//   UniformPixelVector_15    c18      1
//   UniformPixelVector_16    c19      1
//   UniformPixelVector_17    c20      1
//   UniformPixelVector_18    c21      1
//   UniformPixelScalar_5     c22      1
//   UniformPixelScalar_6     c23      1
//   UniformPixelScalar_23    c24      1
//   UniformPixelScalar_24    c25      1
//   AmbientColorAndSkyFactor c26      1
//   Texture2D_0              s0       1
//   Texture2D_1              s1       1
//   Texture2D_2              s2       1
//   Texture2D_3              s3       1
//   Texture2D_4              s4       1
//   Texture2D_5              s5       1
//   Texture2D_6              s6       1
//   Texture2D_7              s7       1
//   Texture2D_8              s8       1

    def c1, 0.75, -9.99999997e-007, 6, -0.333299994
    def c3, 0.666700006, 1.5, 0.0250000004, 4
    def c27, 5, 0.5, 6.28318548, -3.14159274
    def c28, 0.200000003, 0.100000001, 10, 0.800000012
    def c29, 0.300000012, 0.589999974, 0.109999999, 0.600000024
    def c30, 1.5, 0.649999976, 0, 0
    def c31, 0.5, -0.5, 8, 17
    def c32, 2, -1, -0.5, 0
    def c33, 1.25, 1, 0, 0
    def c34, 9, 0.5, 0.200000003, 0.100000001
    def c35, 0.450000018, 100, 90, 0.100000001
    def c36, 0.816496611, 0.577350259, 0, 0
    def c37, -0.707106769, -0.408248305, 0.577350259, 0.707106769
    dcl_texcoord5 v2.w
    dcl_color1 v5
    dcl_texcoord v6
    dcl_2d s0
    dcl_2d s1
    dcl_2d s2
    dcl_2d s3
    dcl_2d s4
    dcl_2d s5
    dcl_2d s6
    dcl_2d s7
    dcl_2d s8
    mul r0.xy, c1.x, v6
    texld r0, r0, s8
    add r0.y, r0_abs.x, c1.y
    pow r1.x, r0_abs.x, c25.x
    cmp r0.y, r0.y, r1.x, c32.w
    lrp r1.x, c24.x, r0.y, r0.x
    mul r0.x, r1.x, c24.x
    mul_sat r0.x, r0.x, c1.z
    add r0.x, r0.x, c1.w
    mov r1, c32
    add r0.y, r1.y, c24.x
    cmp r0, r0.y, c3.x, r0.x
    texkill r0
    mov r0.y, c3.y
    mad r0.xy, v6, r0.y, c11
    texld r0, r0, s2
    mad r0.xz, v6.xyyw, r1.x, c12.xyyw
    texld r2, r0.xzzw, s2
    mul r0.x, r2.y, c3.z
    mad r0.x, r0.y, r2.y, r0.x
    add r0.yz, c9.xxyw, v6.xxyw
    texld r2, r0.yzzw, s2
    mad r0.yz, v6.xxyw, -r1.z, c10.xxyw
    texld r3, r0.yzzw, s2
    mul r0.y, r2.x, r3.x
    mad r0.x, r0.y, c3.w, r0.x
    mul, r0.x, c8
    mov r1.x, c23.x
    mul r0.w, r1.x, c13.x
    mad r0.w, r0.w, c27.x, c27.y
    frc r0.w, r0.w
    mad r0.w, r0.w, c27.z, c27.w
    sincos r2.y, r0.w
    mul, r0, r2.y
    mad, r2, c32.z, r0
    nrm_pp, v4
    nrm_pp, v5
    mul_pp, r2.yzxw, r3.zxyw
    mad_pp, r3.yzxw, r2.zxyw, -r4
    mul, r4, v5.w
    mov r5.y, r4.z
    dp3 r4.y, r4, c19
    mov_pp r5.x, r2.z
    dp3 r4.x, r2, c19
    mov_pp r5.z, r3.z
    dp3 r0.w, r5, r5
    rsq r0.w, r0.w
    mul r0.w, r0.w, r5.z
    dp3 r4.z, r3, c19
    mad r0.w, r0.w, c29.w, c29.w
    mul r1.x, r0_abs.w, r0_abs.w
    add r0.w, r0_abs.w, c1.y
    mul r1.x, r1.x, r1.x
    mul r1.x, r1.x, r1.x
    mul r1.x, r1.x, c3.w
    cmp r0.w, r0.w, r1.x, c32.w
    min r1.x, r0.w, c28.w
    dp3 r0.w, r4, r4
    rsq r0.w, r0.w
    mul r0.w, r0.w, r4.z
    mad r0.w, r0.w, c31.y, c31.x
    add r2.x, r0_abs.w, c1.y
    mul r0.w, r0_abs.w, r0_abs.w
    mul r0.w, r0.w, r0.w
    mul r0.w, r0.w, r0.w
    mul r0.w, r0.w, c3.w
    cmp r0.w, r2.x, r0.w, c32.w
    min r2.x, r0.w, c28.w
    add r0.w, -r2.x, -c32.y
    mad r0.w, c20.x, r0.w, r2.x
    mad r2.xy, v6.wzzw, c31.x, c31.y
    dp2add r3.x, c17, r2, r1.w
    dp2add r3.y, c18, r2, r1.w
    add r2.xy, r3, -c32.z
    texld r2, r2, s6
    add, r2, c30
    mov r3.yzw, c32_abs.xyxw
    texld r4, v6, s3
    dp3 r2.w, r4, c29
    mul r3.x, r2.w, c28.z
    mul, r2, r3.xyxw
    mul, r2, r3.zxww
    mul, r0.w, r2
    add r3.xy, v6, v6
    nrm, v3
    mad r3.xy, r5, c35.x, r3
    texld r3, r3, s4
    mul, r3.y, c35.yzzw
    max, r4_abs, -c1.y
    log r7.x, r6.x
    log r7.y, r6.y
    log r7.z, r6.z
    mul, r7, c3.y
    exp r7.x, r6.x
    exp r7.y, r6.y
    exp r7.z, r6.z
    mad, r3, r7, r4
    texld r6, v6, s5
    mul, r3, r6.x
    mul, r4, c28.xyyw
    mad, r3, c35.w, r7
    mad, r6.z, c15, r3
    mad, c16.x, r2, r3
    mul, r4, c32_abs
    mad, r1.x, r3, r2
    mul r0.w, r4.w, c21.x
    mad, r0.w, c32_abs.xzww, r2
    mad, c14.x, r0, r2
    add_pp, r0, c0
    mad r0.w, r5.z, -c33.x, c33.y
    cmp r0.w, r5.z, r0.w, -c32.y
    mul r1.x, r0_abs.w, r0_abs.w
    mul r1.x, r1.x, r1.x
    mul r1.x, r0_abs.w, r1.x
    add r0.w, r0_abs.w, c1.y
    mad, r4, c34.x, c34.yzww
    mul, r1.x, r2
    cmp, r0.w, r2, c32.w
    add, r2, r4
    add, -r1.y, -c0
    mul_pp, r2, r3
    mul_pp, r2, v0
    mad r1.xy, c22.x, v6, r1.z
    dp2add r4.x, c5, r1, r1.w
    dp2add r4.y, c6, r1, r1.w
    add r1.xy, r4, -c32.z
    texld r1, r1, s1
    mad, r1, c32.x, c32.y
    mul, r1, c7
    texld r4, v6, s0
    mad, r4, c32.x, c32.y
    mad_pp, r4, c4, r1
    nrm_pp, r1
    dp3 r0.w, r4, r5
    mul, r0.w, r4
    mad, r1, c32.x, -r5
    dp2add_sat_pp r5.x, r1.yzzw, c36, c36.z
    dp3_sat_pp r5.y, r1, c37
    dp3_sat_pp r5.z, r1.yzxw, c37.yzww
    max, r5, -c1.y
    log r5.x, r1.x
    log r5.y, r1.y
    log r5.z, r1.z
    mad_pp r0.w, r6.x, c31.z, c31.w
    mul, r6.y, c32_abs.xzww
    mul, r5, r0.w
    exp_pp r6.x, r5.x
    exp_pp r6.y, r5.y
    exp_pp r6.z, r5.z
    dp3_pp r0.w, v1, r6
    texld r5, v6, s7
    mad_pp, r5, c3.w, r1
    mul_pp, r1, v0
    mul_pp, r0.w, r1
    dp2add_sat_pp r5.x, r4.yzzw, c36, c36.z
    dp3_sat_pp r5.y, r4, c37
    dp3_sat_pp r5.z, r4.yzxw, c37.yzww
    mul_pp, r5, r5
    max_pp, r4, -c1.y
    dp3_pp r0.w, v1, r5
    mad_pp, r3, r0.w, r1
    add_pp, r0, r1
    mad_pp, r2, c26, r0
    rcp r0.x, v2.w
    mad_pp oC0.w, c2.x, r0.x, c2.y

// approximately 188 instruction slots used (12 texture, 176 arithmetic)

Lesson 2

This is the before and after shots of the bloom effect on the ball..

Before the fix screenshot:

TheBall08 50.jpg

This is the after fix screenshot all fixed:

TheBall09 50.jpg



// Annoying Bloom light on ball..The_Nephilim
// Generated by Microsoft (R) HLSL Shader Compiler 9.27.952.3022
// Parameters:
//   sampler2D Texture2D_0;
//   float UniformPixelScalar_7;
//   float4 UniformPixelVector_0;
//   float4 UniformPixelVector_3;
//   float4 UniformPixelVector_4;
//   float4 UniformPixelVector_5;
//   float4 UniformPixelVector_6;
// Registers:
//   Name                 Reg   Size
//   -------------------- ----- ----
//   UniformPixelVector_0 c0       1
//   UniformPixelVector_3 c4       1
//   UniformPixelVector_4 c5       1
//   UniformPixelVector_5 c6       1
//   UniformPixelVector_6 c7       1
//   UniformPixelScalar_7 c8       1
//   Texture2D_0          s0       1

	//def c220, Const1, Const2, Const3, Const4
	def c200, 0, 1, 0.0625, 0 // x=0 for comparison to Const1
    def c1, 0.5, 1, -0.5, 0
    def c2, 3, 0, 0, 0
	dcl_texcoord v0.xy
    dcl_texcoord1 v1
    dcl_texcoord2 v2.y
    dcl_texcoord4 v3.w
    dcl_2d s0
    add r0.xy, c1.z, v0
    mov r0.w, c1.w
    dp2add r1.x, c5, r0, r0.w
    dp2add r1.y, c6, r0, r0.w
    add r0.xy, r1, c1.x
    texld r0, r0, s0
    mad_sat r0.y, v2.y, -c1.x, c1.y
    mul r0.yzw, r0.y, v1.xxyz
    mul r0.yzw, r0, v1.w
    mul_sat, r0.yzww, r0.x
    mul, r0, c4
    mad, c4, -r0, r0
    mad, c8.x, r0, r1
    mul, r0, c4.w
    mul, r0, c7
    mov r1.x, c2.x
    mad_pp, r0, r1.x, c0
    mul_pp, r0, v3.w
    mov oC0.w, c1.w
	// remove bloom effect on ball main menu screen
	// if Const1 = 0 disable effect, else leave it on 
	mov r30.x, c220.x 
	if_eq r30.x, c200.x	
	mov oC0.xyzw, c200.wyww 
// approximately 21 instruction slots used (1 texture, 20 arithmetic)

Screenshot of the Effect colored different..

TheBall10 50.jpg